The Reason Why God Does Not Always Appoint Presidents

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In 1 Samuel 8:8-22, Israel (the people) wanted to appoint a King. “God didn't want them to have a king, but they cried like children, and God reluctantly allowed them to choose one. We can see many similarities with current times and the scripture previously mentioned. First of all, we are in a democracy where people choose their leader (king, president, prime-minister, etc.). That is what happened in 1 Samuel 8. God let them pick a king (a leader). There was a temporary shift from a Theocracy to an early form of democracy. He gave them free will. Also, the second similarity is that they were in disobedience. This is analogous to our current times because our nation is in disobedience and it is departing from God. Hence, both 1 Samuel 8 and present times have characteristics similar enough to be reasonably compared and conclude that something similar is happening in current times. Furthermore, our focus here is free will. God will not always appoint or elect a president.

God has given us free will just how he gave his people free will in 1 Samuel 8. We have free will, and God lets us choose at times. “If any man does his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or [whether] I speak of myself (John 7:17).” We see free will exercised in other verses of the Bible such as Genesis 2:16-17 when God told Adam not to eat of every tree of the garden and Adam and Eve disobeyed because they elected to eat. Another famous verses is Judges 16:1 when Samson decided to go to Gaza and see a harlot. He had free will to make decisions. These Biblical truths clearly show us that God will not always elect or appoint our presidents. He may decide to let us choose our president. 

Moreover, letting people choose its president or leader can be problematic. Our choices and decisions have consequences. Samson died because of his decisions (Judges 30:16). Also, Adam end Eve had consequences because of their decisions. Based on Biblical analysis, we can say that God usually elects one of two paths. One of them is to elect our leaders. God is omnipotent (all powerful). He can elect our president. However, the second path, which is more common, is God letting the people elect their president or leader. This can lead us to reasonably believe that we need to make good voting decisions and we can’t just expect to be Holy and pretend like nothing is happening when God apparently has given free will to choose our leader. God may not elect our leader because of free will and if he doesn’t, then we might face the consequences our vote.

Author Jeffry H. Caballero 

B.A. Political Science and Theology

Juris Doctor Candidate 

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